Ooty and WOW !!!

Imagine a large canvas… and thrown in are different hues of green… and in between some earth and then some rays of the sun… or maybe some glimpses of rain on one end of the painting!! That was OOTY this weekend and the artist was none other than GOD!

This holiday, God just showed me a tour of His creation, His marvellous creation and what I saw just held me captivated!! He is the best artist ever!!

Taking a short break from work, we decided to drive up to Ooty for three days. Driving through the night was great [minus the one portion of the drive where I fell asleep 😦 ]! Going through Bandipur early in the morning, a herd of grazing deer greeted us amidst the sounds of birds waking up to the new day. Lovely… 🙂

Here is the first sight that captivated us… what an awesome play of light this was..

And then we caught the first sight of Ooty and its tea gardens. Gorgeous!! Neatly “groomed” estates, miles and miles of tea gardens, water sprinklers a distance away… Ooty welcomed us, Steve, me & Te!

We took a diversion into the Glenmorgan estate to see what makes this place beautiful. What we saw justified why people say you must do this drive… it is a scenic drive leading you to a beautiful lake within the estate! But what we experienced from officials at the Electricity Board there left us in distaste. Rude people, hardly giving you a chance to ask what you want to know!! YUCK…that was what I felt about them!

But it did not take long for us to be back in good spirits… the beauty of nature just lifted our mood 🙂 We continued our drive to the town, all the while through beautiful, scenic views. [I wonder how many times I am going to use the word beautiful here in this post :)]

We had no particular agenda for this holiday and I think that was the best part of it. We just drove to places we’ve heard of and never heard off before 🙂 And each drive was just wonderful. To Lovedale and beyond, to Coonoor and back and the best of it was to the EMERALD LAKE! This was by far the BESTEST part of our holiday.

This lake is tucked away some 25 odd kms from Ooty. It is a really really beautiful drive, but nothing about the drive prepared us for what was in store 🙂 PHEW!!! We caught a glimpse of the lake from up above the “world so high” and we were like WOW!! The fact that it was raining through most of the drive made the Poojitha in me sooooooooooooooooooooo happy and excited!

On reaching the spot, we were “beauty struck” [I don’t know how else to describe what I saw]. A lovely lake, a small little bridge, a cosy river bank and the view of the Nilgiris on every side you see… MAN!! This lake is just awesome! We had the Avalanchi Lake on one side and the Emerald Lake on the other, as explained to us by the locals there. Well, whichever lake it might be… it was splendid!! Steve described it as the Pang Gong Tso of the south 🙂

We just sat by this lake…in silence…no actually in conversation with nature!! I was so overwhelmed by the beauty that I could not stay without praising God for the awesome CREATOR that He is… for the beautiful ARTIST that He is… for the WONDER that He has created!! AMAZING!! No words can I use, no picture we have clicked will EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER capture the splendour of what we saw 🙂 My blog will do not an inch of justice to the experience we had…

This trip was just refreshing… we had a great time… ate some yummy food! Nothing too fancy… two of the best meals were with a family we know and all we asked for was hot steaming rice, even hotter rasam and tasty chicken fry !! With temperatures dropping steadily as the rains lashed through the town this meal was just lip smacking!! A lovely dinner with a friend at King’s Cliff… by the fireplace… got our holiday to a beautiful… oops tasty end!!

Oh oh… and before I forget… if you are going to Ooty, please go to Modern Stores and fill yourself with the variety of chocolates up for sale. “OOTY HOMEMADE CHOCOLATES” took a whole new meaning for us here… all that we get in the many stores out there cease to tempt me anymore!! This place sells the best I ve eaten till date…and what makes these special are the fillings!! Cranberry, Blueberry, Maple Almond, Peanut Crunch…. and so many moreeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Uffff… Just lovely!!

We drove back to Bangalore through a different route from our onward journey. We took the Gudalur route while driving to Ooty and the Masinagudi route while returning. While Masinagudi was not as scenic as Gudalur, it was still a good drive 🙂

We met up with Philip and Sharon at Masinagudi and did the rest of the journey with them. A quick stop at this quaint cafe DREAMCATCHERS on the highway and a good lunch by the river Cauvery at Amblee Resort was the last of the good times we had 🙂 Wonder why?? Well we took over 4 hours to cover the Mysore- Bangalore stretch thanks to maddening traffic!! Terrible!!

But but but… like every other holiday I ve taken in the past few months… God sent me rain 🙂 It poured while we were entering Bangalore and I could not help but smile and wonder how lovely God is 🙂

** The pictures shared here are just a futile attempt at capturing the beauty of Ooty this holiday!

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I 'm Poojitha Jawahar. Out here in the city of Banaglore I live in a rented apartment, work in a PR firm, am in love with life ! I live life for the day and try to live it to the fullest :) Small things make me really happy and I m so thankful to God for the life He has given me and the people he has blessed me with.

6 thoughts on “Ooty and WOW !!!

  1. Hi Poojitha…just read through your blog…u make my decision to visit Ooty firmer and sooner… 🙂 nice read and excellent photographs!


    1. Hey Aditi 🙂

      WOW, thank you ! If you’ve not yet made your trip, hope you have a GREAT time and hope you get to explore lot more than us ! If your holiday is over, then hope you had a GREAT one 🙂 Cheers !
      Love Pooj

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