Joy is in the small things…. always !

How often have I missed on moments in life that could have been a moment of joy ! When I took up the #100HappyDaysChallenge a while back, I made a conscious effort to look out for the things that brought a smile on my face those days ! And when you pay attention you will realize that it is something small… always ! A message from a loved one… a phone call made to a friend whom you haven’t said hello to in a long time… food that you love [ Oh boy!! I realized at that time that food makes me very happy]… a photo that jumps out of your book maybe… something…just anything!

Its been hard to keep it going after that.At times you just …just don’t make the effort to realize that something made you happy today and that is pretty sad.I don’t know why I am writing this here today… but as I was riding to work this morning I remembered the #100HappyDaysChallenge and looks like it’s been on the back of my mind since then.

So let me see if I can list out all that has made me happy since morning today…

  1. Waking my sleepy-head Steve this morning by pulling out the blanket and putting my ironed top on his face! Yes yes I know a lot of you including him say how can this make me happy… happiness cannot be derived from torture! But you know that moment that makes you burst out laughing… well that was what I had this morning! I love you Steve ….
  2. Eating M&M pretzels when I should have been eating breakfast – the chocolate addict in me is just in hyperactive mode nowadays!
  3. The rains today – well this had to feature hadn’t it? Seeing the dark clouds cast a shadow…seeing it rain down – joy! This means that there are puddles out on the road…a nip in the air…rain washed trees and basically everything nice!
  4. My playlist today has been the happy type! Infact it has some good old Tamil songs that I used to listen a lot to…you know those eternal favourites from Minsara Kanavu, Alaipayuthey etc etc to some of the newer ones. Happy me…
  5. And then there was that phone call from the bestie… the joker in my life! She will never fail to leave me in splits with her antics… her exaggerated reactions and her rumblings! Manju, you are my laughter dose I tell you 🙂
  6. Seeing my Vidya Akka’s enthusiasm to blog more actively – looks like its infectious akka. Atleast it has got me to open a blank page and start this post 🙂 I should say thank you !
  7. And as I sign out of work now I am most probably headed to meet some friends who have moved into Bangalore last week… so that’s ending the day on a happy note !

Come to think of it….nothing that has given me happiness today is something that is a “big ticket item” or anything that costs a lot! It is and always will be the small things that matter…next time you catch yourself smiling think back about what made it happen ! I am so thankful to have a life that gives me all these reasons and more ! 🙂

Published by poojithajawahar

I 'm Poojitha Jawahar. Out here in the city of Banaglore I live in a rented apartment, work in a PR firm, am in love with life ! I live life for the day and try to live it to the fullest :) Small things make me really happy and I m so thankful to God for the life He has given me and the people he has blessed me with.

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