Lost without my phone

Phew… It really was a tiring Saturday!!! And a Saturday that made me realise one thing [for the second time in last 1 week!!] I AM TECHNOLOGY DEPENDANT [to be read as I am lost without my phone!!!!!!]

So we begin this way.. I wake up lazily on Saturday morning, loiter around my home aimlessly [yay yay I had done my washing clothes bit on Thursday night.. yay yay No washing today !!] After some nice coffee I settle back in bed and watch back to back episodes of Desperate Housewives on the comp [ I like I like I like…].. A little while later I hear/see the power go off !! SIGH.. Ok It ll be back in an hour I think… and then I hear my phone go beep beep beep.. Low battery it cries !! Aiyooooooo I say in my mind

Anyway.. a lot of activity unfolds after this and suddenly I have a busy Saturday ahead. So I leave home and head out to meet some family friends at Lifestyle and end up having to make a few calls as I travel trying to co-ordinate a friend’s bday surprise….my phone battery cries some more!! I promise to stay away from my phone for the next few hours and salvage what remains. [I did not keep this promise too well]

Come 5 pm, I find myself saying bye to my family friends and waiting to meet a friend to give her my house keys. I tell her that I’ll meet her at Shoppers Stop and walk into the store…I m in the store for like a few minutes and my phone goes to sleep.. battery EMPTY!! Now what.. I wait outside SS for some 10 mins and see no sign of her.. I go to the help desk and ask if there are charging points anywhere in the mall – they smile and say sweetly NO MADAM !! I ask if there is a public phone and they guided me to one. As luck would have it I had all new 2 rupee coins in my wallet while what I needed was a 1 rupee coin [no security guard around to get change from as well…]

And then I don’t know what hit me… I got all frenzied wondering MAN HOW WILL I GET THRU TO HER NOW!!! I wait outside SS again, but still no sign!! Something told me to try the rest room and see if there is a free plug point somewhere….so that is where I went next .

🙂 BINGO there was a plug point alongside the wall there and the mall staff said I could charge my phone.. YIPPIEE !! [I ignored all the looks I got from people walking in and out of the restroom 🙂 I needed my battery charged 🙂] By this time my friend had reached the mall and had tried reaching me only to hear “the number you are trying to reach is currently switched off”..  ha ha !! Chaos !!

So yeah after all this, we ultimately got through to each other and she came by the rest room and took my keys.. PHEW !! I had a long evening ahead so I decided to wait there and charge my phone for as long as I could. As I stood there I could not help but think about how we used to manage without mobiles.. How did we wait for friends when we planned to meet outside.. Did we just wait at one point till they came…what if plans got cancelled, how we told each other etc etc etc. I REALLY WONDER HOW!!!

Last week the ringer on my phone went bust and so I could hear no calls/alarms etc etc etc. When I went to bed that night I thought to myself….how am I gonna wake up tomorrow morning without my alarm ??? I spoke to a friend and told him that I would set the vibrator on high and keep the phone near my pillow and sleep.He was to call me at 7.30 am and keep calling till I answered the call!! Well this exercise was not needed actually since I hardly slept all night.. I kept waking up every few hours thinking OH SHIT I OVERSLEPT !!

When morning came I realised, did I not have a small clock on which I could set an alarm… DUMB ME !! I found the clock on my shelf.. but.. NO BATTERY!![I don’t remember when last I looked at it sheeeshhhh POOJITHA !!!]

Has this device come to become so much to me?? I really can’t believe I AM SO LOST WITHOUT IT!! It is not a nice feeling now 😦

Published by poojithajawahar

I 'm Poojitha Jawahar. Out here in the city of Banaglore I live in a rented apartment, work in a PR firm, am in love with life ! I live life for the day and try to live it to the fullest :) Small things make me really happy and I m so thankful to God for the life He has given me and the people he has blessed me with.

4 thoughts on “Lost without my phone

  1. Very interesting piece Pooja…just the thing that was going through my mind how we have become more gadget centric and less and less people centric….we have moved from waking up to the chirping of birds to usher a new dawn to a ring tone that mimics a bird…a vibration mode has supplanted a gentle shake by a loved one……

  2. Hey, yeah true! I remember your first mobile phone you showed me in Jan 2004…. the pretty pink tubelight phone, as you called it!
    Yeah, I can’t do a thing without my phone either… it’s all in one….. email, calender, note keeper alarm clock, messenger, GPS, facebook, twitter……. I charge it every night though! 🙂

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